Tuesday, November 22, 2011

insanity tautologies

All dictators are insane.  Not one has been able to attain immortality by killing others and yet they are compelled, obsessed with destroying others.  The more they kill and destroy the greater their chance of being deposed and destroyed.  Therefore they must be insane.

All those who allow and/or follow a dictator are insane.  No dictator has ever succeeded in creating heaven as promised, only a slow and prolonged hell that may feel like forever. 

Making myself sick will not heal a single person.  It may prolong their life temporarily but it cannot heal them.  Sacrificing my health is unhealthy.

Making myself poor will not make anyone richer.  Wealth is within.  The richest man is he who has the fewest needs.

There is a ceiling on how much satisfaction can be gained by having money.  Earning money can become an accomplishment addiction.  All the money in the world cannot buy immortality.  It demonstrates the law of diminishing returns. 

Things will always remain the same.  If this were true we'd still be living in actual caves.  Some people live in virtual caves in their heads. 

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