Monday, May 19, 2014


I think aspies feel more directly not having the envy, competition, jealousy gene. 

We want everyone to be happy and content.  Content or content. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Autists process info consciously

I know I don't take in or process info the same as a non-autist. 

They don't notice things.  Part of my attention deficit being attention overload. 

I notice bugs flying around.  When I drive, I plan my route like a chess move.  Just comes naturally.  I use intuition to read the energy around me. 

I only get in trouble when I'm overly tired or ignore the info.  When I revert to family behavior patterns.  Sometimes from depression. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TILT----Blogging is my job for now-Sunday AM 5*4*Star Wars Day*May the fourth be with You

AUTISTS  have too much input.  Babies gradually make communication connections chemically and physically and that's why autism engages at a toddler stage.  Biologically the connections are made and the understanding comes later. 

5*4*14-Sunday Morning on channel 5 ran a segment on autism.  The kid on the program shut down for five years watching Disney cartoons, the simplified life lessons that are too confusing in real life.  His parents let him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I experience too much stimuli I shut down.  !!!TILT!!!  Just like autists.  The shut down protects the integrity of the operating system.  An automatic failsafe.  To keep from going crazy.  My parents tortured me.  I'm a miracle.   

Addicts use outside substances to run interference.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT A RAISE.  A HUGE RAISE.  I DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!