Friday, June 28, 2013

Managing symptoms-Susandate 6*28*2013

Feeling anxious after a remarkable week.  Started out cooler than usual with 70 degree days. 
Sunday cool so topped up bin Tomas was filling.  Chopped up stems and leaves kaki.  Suffered horribly shoulders and upper-middle back.  Exercised Mon.  Rested Tues. puzzle, and was feeling sick and tired went home early.  Napped.  Woke 5pm and readied for 6:30 SC  library for chocolate tasting and lecture on book writing. Janet Yamada, a volunteer at Sr Ctr lunch greeted me.  She's always nice to everyone.  She had dropped her raffle ticket on the floor.  I pointed it out and she said she never wins.  I won first canvas bag of books.   She won two bars of chocolate.  She gave me one and her friend Jillian.  She's always so giving.

I helped her hand out salads and sandwiches one day they were shorthanded by pushing the second trolley and the next day she had made a pkg of Godiva truffles for ME.

Exercised Wed.