Monday, September 26, 2011


My stomach and back are reacting to venting my anger at the ridicule and humiliation suffered pretty much all my life from my "family."  The past is finally done.  I'm purging all the chemical memories from my body. 

As the nicotine leaves my body I'm healthier physically, emotionally, and therefore mentally.  I just spent a very uncomfortable weekend.  I couldn't imagine what I'd done to trigger the pain.  I feel I've been kicked and beaten in my stomach and lower back and hips.  Louise Hay-lack of family support.

I took a Nabumentone 500mg last nite to be able to sleep.  So today I was so tired.  I chose to go to my Transitions mtg.  I gathered the avocados from the yard and took two buckets-3 days worth.  This year the tree is producing a bucket a day.  Half in the am, half in the pm.

I'm becoming the ME I want to be.