Friday, August 19, 2011

UPDATE 8*19*11-Life is in the details.

I just realized update is like stardate*** being a huge sci-fi-fan.  So... Nice to know I can access this blog via Google.  Reassuring.  My ankles are swollen like little trees.  Due to the constricted circulation in my waist and lower back.  Funny how my body parts take turns hurting and healing.  That's what the pain is all about.  Drawing attention to the area like dominoes in series.  The muscles can only be unlocked in series which makes sense.  No point in having them come unglued like a rag doll. 

I'm probably healthier tissue wise than I've ever been in my life before.  For the first time I don't have nicotine in my system.  (And  I totally distracted myself just now...learned if you depress ctrl and hit i everything is italicized.  Hit ctrl and b and everything is bold.  Why we need that I don't know.)  And I have complete control over my diet for the first time in my life.  I can have anything and everything I  Want.  For the first time in my LIFE.  So life is good and getting better.

Been working out in the yard.  The letter from the city 7/14/11 was a scary motivator.  So I go out either early in the am or late in the pm when it's cool enough for me.  6am on a hot day, 7 maybe on an overcast day.  Weather this year has been grreat!  Cooler than usual.  I actually like yardwork. 

Been finding bargains at the $tores and grocerie$.   Thank you God.  Broke my medium square corning lid and found one at $aver$.  I have so many trivial good ideas to improve life.  And life is in the details.