Friday, April 26, 2013

YES!!! The solution to Terrorism-Humane Humans

Reading Temple Grandin started me thinking about predator vs prey.  Aspies are subject to teasing-a 'mild' form of terrorism.  Children are usually uncivilized and must be taught to care for those weaker than themselves, to become unselfish, to respect others.

Oscar Hammerstein's lyrics from South Pacific's, We've Got to Be Taught.

Muslim, Jewish, Christians all learn the old testament.  The same message in different languages.  The same lessons.

Terrorists are raised to be junkyard dogs.  They traverse the world expecting to rule the junkyard like they were taught at home.  Old world, old testament;  thinking and behavior. When they behave as they've been raised, they are punished and can't understand that result when their upbringing has been mindless.  They haven't been encouraged to choose for themselves.  They've been punished for trying to think for themselves and live their own lives.  No wonder life is so cheap for them. 

They don't know what living is.  They are human doings not human beings.

Aspies are Prey.  Born neutral we are subject to terror.  Timothy Leary's circumplex.  By not being predators we become prey by default. 

I like to believe we have a choice and choose not to become an animal,  predator or prey.  I like to believe we choose to become humane humans.

Human beings are not dogs.  We can learn anew.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanging in here

Sitting in Mtn Vw library.  Whew!!  Did not know I could drive this far and manage. 

Spent the a m wondering what I'd be doing.  I went home, watched xwords and rested.  Decided on library and at first I thought of Sv but then the idea of Mtn Vw seemed doable.  So here I am.

Had to get away from witch hunt at Srs. I thought Lam liked G but no.  She told A that G is stealing spoons.  Stealing spoons.  When people are bombing and terrorizing the entire city of Boston the srs in sc are in an uproar over utensils. 

Well, susan be warned.