Friday, September 14, 2012

Happiest university

 I hope for a place humankind can learn new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.                    

 Creating a new world from within.                  

Not easy or comfortable but so worth working and playing towards.               

Lost the original date I thought of it.   

I guess I'll continue learnin how to manuever this and then they'll change it.   

IF ONLY---Did I choose this??

 It occured to me this a.m. that according to E. Cayce this life may be my one in seven.  The difficult    work lifetime. 

 That this life may be difficult because I set it up this way.   Even writing this blog, it's doing weird things.  And so it goes.  

 I'm experimenting with getting the background stable and I have know idea how I did it but it's blipping up and down.  

 I was watching a crime show.  Don't remember what but the writer on her blog hid messages by writing white on white.  Interesting concept.  Also, I read in the news that relatives of dead people are trying to have evidence of the deceased removed from the internet.  Why??   

Human (animal?) behavior confuses me.  How much of peoplekind is animal and how much divine and how to tell.

 Since aspergers is a brain mutation I believe it's an evolutionary step in solving the animal problems of greed, violence towards others, cruelty of all kinds. 

Aspergers people have an unusual level and manifestation of empathy for all living beings.  Temple Grandin being a clear example. 

 Her work has created safer beef products by eliminating the cruelty of slaughter and the toxins created and ingested by fear permeated meat. 

Playing with all the doodads at the top of this page.  Guess I'm done for now.           

Ooh, yes.  I forgot to change my yard boots and wore them to the Sr. Ctr.  so I'm wearing my shower sandals today.  Another lesson in forgiving myself.  My mom and A would have crucified me and never let me live it down.  No peace for Susan in their world.      

And I suppose they knew that.