Monday, April 16, 2012


Feelings are our connection to Spirit. 

If we practice we get good at it.  Whatever it is. 

I had to listen to energy well to avoid the worst of the insanity at home.  So my sense of intuition became developed beyond my comfort zone.  And then I learned the reason for my discomfort.  I never believed in reincarnation.  The idea conflicted with my idea of an intelligent God.  Why would God keep putting us in the third grade?

Then because of a psychosomatic reaction to filling out divorce papers I sought the help of a Dr. Eidelshink at Kaiser Hayward.  My first experience with hypnosis.  We focused on the reasons behind the physical reaction.  And he taught me self-hypnosis, deep relaxation focusing on the underlying cause of my physical resistance to a divorce I desperately wanted.  That weekend was an Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce) seminar at the Oakland airport hotel.  A induced me to babysit her and true to form dumped me as soon as she hooked up.  So although I didn't believe it existed I went to the session.  The induction was protected by the caveat no unpleasant experience would occur.  So I went to "sleep".

I listened to people's deluded tales and was refreshed from my 20 minute "nap".  As always A was late and so she rushed me home and rushed on her way.  True to form she called me next morning (Sunday) and prattled on about her experience.  While she was talking I saw superimposed over my vision 3 cels.  The people and clothing were all too familiar.  I knew it was a past life in Victorian times and that my miserable marriage was karmic balance.  Once Pandora's box was opened I became aware of many ties and understood puzzling situations.

I came to accept that God allowed us to create and perpetuate reincarnation as a get out of jail card.