Thursday, March 8, 2012


A chemical state caused by emotions.  Emotions are feelings encapsulated in the body.  Emotion is blocked energy.  It takes energy to contain energy.  No wonder it's tiring. 

Repressed emotions are past experiences unsafe to explore at the time.  So depression gives us an opportunity to reexamine the experience and expunge, erase it from the system.  Memories are chemical tracks laid down to aid us in survival.  Optimum success from avoiding known failures or threats. 

To reprogram those chemical tracks takes a lot of either repetition or the infusion of a lot of energy.  Traumatic experiences are the hardest to expunge because of the energy-strength of the induction. 

Like the Law of Physics an equal and opposite force is required to change the direction and momentum of a memory. 

A recurring memory, obsessive memory is fading and the survival mechanism in our minds sets off a signal to retain or abort.  Memories are never simply forgotten.  Drugs or a physical injury may change or delete a memory.  When the  memory is too painful or unacceptable to the psyche the repressed memory is unconscious.  It has become second nature.  Natural to the person.  Safety and comfort are necessary to safely, comfortably examine and assess the memory.  Keep, store, or throw away.  Just like spring cleaning.

I will consciously choose to keep or reprogram my thoughts.