Friday, November 16, 2012

TWO YEARS!!! 11*16**12

I'm amazed I've been coming here (Sr Ctr) for two years.  My back is sooo much better.  My digestion is better.  I'm sometimes happy.  I'm reconnected to my body.  I mistakenly thought I was an airhead.  I was just on abuse overload.  To protect my sanity I learned to disconnect from the abuse.  So I spent most of my life in a cocoon and while my "family" existed I couldn't come out and survive.

For the first time in my life I have people who care about ME.  Not how they can use me.  Not treating me like a servant.  How much and what they can get out of me.

Took me 60 years and this back injury to see the fact that when some people give you things it's because they already have a plan of what they want to take from you.  Not get, take.

My senior friends appreciate me.  Doing what they can for me because they like me and themselves.  No strings.  They know the universe functions perfectly.

Do remember, not everyone here is my friend.