Monday, February 25, 2013

More and More

Okay, Finally figured out how to get to cal lifeline application.  The browser was incompatible w/ the program so I had to go to a different doorway to get to where I wanted to go.

Wow, I Just figured out how to change the color of this page.  AAAaawsomme!!!

I have no idea how I managed to underline that.

Worked in the yard an hour saturday, (now the space bar and comma are underlining like it's haunted) So sunday (it's spellcheck)  I went to church UU and  planned on more ydwk until I broke a h2o bottle in the kitchen and found sis's stole my mop. And I lost a lock washer from the sickle.  Tried to find it using magnet and nowhere to be found.  Disappeared.  Evaporated. 

Fixed my bed.  watched tv  rested.  Watched Oscars.  My tummy is borderline so I'm carefully doing.    

I'm disappointed.  The squiggly lines don't transfer to the final page.  And the background reverted to white so I fixed it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Best super bowl ever

Went to Salvation Army church at 11am yesterday.  Decided to drop off donation at Parkmoor Savers and looked around.  Jesse gave me both a donation card and 20% off coupon.  So I looked around and realized I could have  continued on Almaden to the bigger one.  Since I'm free  I went to Almaden and drove thru Willow Glen.

Big change in me.  Used the coupon there where it did the most good.  And found half off there unlike Parkmoor.
I can create my version of perfection.