Saturday, February 26, 2011

confusion rains(reigns,reins)-not seeing the scary bits

Note:  As children we practice not seeing the scary bits and focusing on the fun bits to avoid punishment for speaking the truth, so of course as adults we continue.  Maturing requires us to change ourselves or  remain in an internal immature condition.  Enslaved by the habits and behaviors learned in childhood.

The problem with the slow development on the planet is due to the appearance of physical maturation without the underlying actual emotional maturity.  This period of time is unusual in the number of people having leisure time.  More people are able to survive without living, hence the frustration and unhappiness.

Emotional maturity is the evolution of the reptile/survival, emtional brain.

This month has been a cold rainy one.  And I've focused on fixing crocheted tanks and making teriyaki jerky, all the projects I've wanted to do.  I'm practicing shielding and channeling.  My back is soo much better.  I'm better able to do and accomplish.  I'm just practicing the moment and hearing and obeying.

Getting into this blog is always a challenge.  I don't understand people climbing mountains or kayaking while everday has challenges.  Maybe they don't see it or choose to ignore it as too mundane.  It's enough for me.

Next I'll start my garden.  I've been weeding a bit at a time.  The winter sun is so intense.  I have garlic and bulbs to plant.  Maybe some sweetpeas?