Monday, December 13, 2010

well, well, well-deep subject

So much has happened these last two months.  First my phone was out for four days, the phone company recorded message tried to reassure me.  I maneuvered  the phone tree and got an operator who wanted me to troubleshoot from home.  Yeah, right.  Then the answering machine refused to answer.  My callers complained.  All my anxieties rose to the surface and stormed around my head.  Then day after Thanksgiving  my car didn't want to start.  More trials and tribulations.  After having a deja vu ( happened to a prior car) the triple A man confirmed.  Knowing how to deal with a situation is half the solution.  My neighbor commented that I didn't seem upset.  What would be the value in feeling upset?  With who or what could I be upset?  I would be the one suffering.  Then one by one everything started working again.

People invited me to lunch not knowing my birthday was the sixth.  Went to Walgreen's two separate times to buy the same item because intuition said not now to the second item.  What I didn't know, but spirit did, was Walgreen's is giving $5 off coupons for purchases over $25 until Christmas.  If I had purchased both at the same time I'd have received one coupon instead of two.  Then Sunday debating whether to buy the newspaper I went to Walgreen's and brand new Sony dvd-cd players for $29.99.  And the catch there?  To use both coupons I must buy two items.  Voila!

The shrink saying I was delusional makes me sad.  The way the energy works in my life is proof.  It's a fact I could have ended up with one coupon instead of two.  It's a fact my car wouldn't start for one day.  Triple A can verify.  Makes me wonder the health-care definition of delusion.  Personally, I think projection is happening here.  I'm just afraid for anyone else going to her for help.  Not very helpful to label without suggestions or recommendations.  If you think I need help, help me, don't just tell me my time is up.

I couldn't understand the concept of projection until I read the textbook of the Course in Miracles.  The explanation of the Crucifixion answered so many questions I'd had.  If Jesus could raise the dead and walk on water and multiply loaves and fishes being crucified should have been a cakewalk. 

My dad had us study with the Jehovah's witnesses when I was 9.  They couldn't answer my questions like why couldn't God have used evolution to create the animals?  Why didn't Jesus just come out and tell us what to do like Moses and the ten commandments?  The New Testament superseded the Old.  Why did he teach in parables?  Read the Course in Miracles.  That's interesting too.  Subject to interpretation and projection.  I live by results.  I consider myself practical if unorthodox.   In the teacher's manual the topic of reincarnation is mentioned as too controversial a topic to cover because of the length of the discussion.  Fellow students interpreted this as meaning reincarnation doesn't exist.

I wish it didn't.  My hypnotherapy teacher said reincarnation exists whether you believe in it or not, like gravity.  Seems like eons ago I didn't believe.  That's another chapter.

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