Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Forward

Edward Bellamy wrote Looking Backward in the late 1800's after considering the manufacturing in London and being able to extrapolate the future.  He like Kurt Vonnegut Jr. ,Player Piano,could see the eventual demise of manual labor due to the advancements in mechanized factories.  They both foresaw the obsolescence of physical labor and the rise of unemployment.  They both prophesied a welfare state and unrest due to free time.  Edward Bellamy living during the Victorian era had a kinder, more civilized view of the future as a focus on the arts while Kurt Vonnegut saw the solution to unemployment and ennui as revolution and riot.  I'm hoping the future is somewhere in between.  Like the Beatles call to a peaceful revolution...Evolution.  For as long as man has been on the planet war has been a way of life. 

This is why I believe aspergers may be the genetic solution to greed, destruction, and the perpetual cycle of mankind's accomplishments resulting in war.

I look at the family and see the inner strife projected and magnified into the wars between countries.  The methods taught at home for conflict resolution are the same acted out on the world stage.  We'll have peace in the world when there is peace in the home.  We'll have peace out in the world when we have peace within. 

I think my peaceful world was what my "family" hated most of all.  They did all they could to inflame and torture me.  My older sister was raised to "take care" of me in the best gangster fashion.  As children whenever she wanted to shut me down or up she'd refer to burning me with matches or sticking me with safety pins while changing my diapers as an infant.  I find myself obsessed with safety pins and I  successfully became an ex-smoker.  I love candles.  I'll never give them up.

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