Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes, it's about time I wrote this down.  About time.  Ha, ha.  OK.    I never had a problem resolving creation and evolution.  If God is all powerful and created the Universe, God created evolution.  If God is eternal, millions, billions of years equal one day when compared to eternity.  How is God to describe to the prophets a million or a billion when most people are illiterate and mathematics in its infancy. 

When looking at the embryonic development of all animals the first stages all look the same.  Only later the DNA causes the embryos to develop and differentiate.  My theory is that some people are stuck in the reptile or avian stage of development.  Abuse and neglect are probable causes for d/evolution.  Abuse and neglect force the baby or adult to lock into survival mode and unless there is an intervention strong enough to break the lock the adult never feels higher feelings of charity, empathy, sympathy. 

The lower order needs are the only hierarchal needs recognized by the stunted adults.  Maslow's hierarchy of needs doesn't exist for reptilian thinking people because they are incapable of higher order thinking and feeling.  No amount of talking or action can prove to someone outside the human range of feelings the importance of humanity for the survival of the species.

The greed of the Bernie Maddoff's of the world destroys people's hopes and dreams thereby spiritually and psychologically killing people.  Because the victims still walk around economically ruined, the soul/mind killers are put in "jail" and fined.  They are worse than Hitler or any of the rapacious tyrants of the world.  All crimes against humanity are an act of war and terrorism against mankind's evolution.

The unseen wounds are the hardest to heal.  Post traumatic stress is rampant in the world.  Because historically every age has a different trauma the concensus is every stress is different.  The pain and healing are the same.  Emotional pain is the same as the amputee's phantom pain of loss of limb.  It's energy blocked and unnatural, not belonging. 

Healing is a totally individual experience.  Each unique and miraculous healing is called forth by asking.  And each and every healing comes directly from the life energy that created us all.

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