Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reprogamming feels scary

Life really is getting better.  Saw a Pacific Autism van yesterday and I'm feeling a little freaked out.  All my hopes are coming true.

OK deep breathing.  Creating new pathways in the brain feels scary simply because it's new.  The chemicals are tied to fear because SO MUCH OF LIFE'S NEW THINGS HAVE A SCARY POTENTIAL. 

We're hardwired to recognize NEW with concern.  Let's face history.  So many new things, experiences ended in death.  So of course our bodies in trying to do the best for us signal danger!!!  Even when there is no threat.  The newness is the threat. 

Deep breathing to the point of hyperventilating will change the chemistry from fear to dizzy.  I can consciously change my chemistry intentionally without drugs or outside chemicals.  I can create the chemicals from within.  Which is what visualization and meditation do for sick people. 

Do people get sick from ignoring the chemical warnings?  I believe they do.

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