Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wake up Little Susie

I've wondered how men become dogs.  They are raised by bitches.  Sounds cold but it's true.  The world will become a better place when children are raised as human beings.  Parents are ill equipped and ignorant.  For the first time in history the ability to raise conscious, caring, stable, capable humans is possible.

How do we get there from here?  According to Dr Phil; acknowledge where we're starting from, map out the route and go.  I've worked very diligently and consistently on myself and for others.  Whenever a new experience comes up I've learned to think and act responsibly.  Case in point, being yelled at by Josie and realizing and admitting she's puposefully tried to humiliate me.  Yelling is a manipulative tool.  My trained response has been to blame myself for not seeing it coming.  Not being prepared for life.  What my mom punished me for to "toughen me up".  Bunch of bulls**t.  So she added insult and injury to injury. Conditioned me to roll-over and play dead.  I'm supposed to cower, apologize and do and be whatever they want.

I have to remember that if it isn't within me, it's hard to recognize in others.  I keep getting fooled.  I will write it a hundred or a thousand times to remember.  That's what it takes to reprogram.  When confused by other people's behavior it's appropriate and necessary to consider their actions and hold them responsible.  The only way my life will improve is for me to improve myself.

I believe the only way children can be raised is by a village.  The checks and balances of a multitude of people raising children in concert.  So, we need human rights guidelines on raising caring, stable, responsible people.  A foster system that fosters successful human beings.        

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