Monday, April 4, 2011

WOW! Playing tricks on myself

So this April's Fools I left the ignition in my car on and my battery was completely drained.  CSAA was there and I was on my way 1/2 hr later. 
I wonder if other people play tricks on themselves?  I would guess so.  Or the planet would be better organized...

Got my taxes done.  Another task accomplished.  Life is a series of jobs to me.  I never had a childhood of just living. I was blamed and made responsible my entire childhood.   My life has always been work.  My job as a child was to survive.  I can't understand people who don't take care of business first.  And I know lots of people. 

The Healing Circle was another Unpaid Servant Job.  Not a volunteer.  Volunteers are treated with respect.  I couldn't understand Rick's not speaking up for me when I started using invocation/benediction, bells, candles, using tennis ball to ease tightness in feet, delivering new release dvds, etc. Always being ever so helpful and never being included in "family" dinners and dismissed like a servant when doing him favors.  This morning in the shower I realized Anjie's treating me as a servant came from Rick's cues.  No wonder he never spoke to her about her behavior.  She might have improved her life and he doesn't want that.  Art Martin was right.  His back IS the manifestation of his thinking. 

Thank God for Anjie pointing the way or I'd still be dissed.

I let go of my limits and accept Direction.

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