Friday, April 22, 2011

round and round

Trying to get into this account is just that.  Trying.  Had to go through the whole reset, check email.  Wasn't planning on writing anything.  Life is in maintenance mode.   Finally remembered what I  wanted to look up and did successfully, tried to access blogger and was brought back down to earth.  I release my resistance to the almighty internet.  Wow!! I  do have authority issues.  Anything that's worshiped whether it be S&P, or the boss, or even God I have questions.  The mucky-mucks and the economy are so full of air.  Puffed up with nothing tangible. 

More later.

Sat. 5-7-11.It's later.  Still tricking myself with all this internet hocus pocus.  Kids and the kidlike have a delusion that because they can manage the internet it's some sort of talent.  I don't think so.  It's just another hoop to jump through.  Another club to join to feel SPECIAL.

We already are special.  Even identical twins are unique. 

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