Thursday, August 14, 2014

Typical Behavior of Humanimals

Humanimals are hierarchal in their behavior like  life in the caves.  There must be a leader and subordinates.  Cooperation is a higher order function.

Kids naturally revert to hierarchal bullying in their undeveloped, underdeveloped stage.  Some individuals never need to evolve (are never forced to) and don't.  Some people have an innate need to improve and self actualize. 

Aspies can't understand that we are all different.  It isn't a concept they can easily rewire into their brains. 

It's taken me 63 years.  I did it!!!

Most humanimals use tricks learned in childhood to manipulate the world around them.  They continue the same behaviors until the tricks don't get them what they want.  Some continue the same old behaviors=insanity.

Anger and Violence are traditional upgrades when the previous behavior doesn't get them what they want.

How to get what you want and need starts from birth.  An infant has to learn how to get food and attention.  Crying, smiling, affection, are all learned to be used.

That's why people like me.  I do no harm.

Humanimals when thwarted strike out in revenge and retaliation, wasting more energy on a losing situation. 

Why wars are never won.

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