Tuesday, July 29, 2014

forgetting and remembering

Those two words. 

Forgetting.  To get the future one leaves the past in the past.  For getting leave the past behind.  In the rear view mirror it becomes reversed.  Mirror image.

Remembering.  Reconnecting.  Putting the pieces together, hopefully in a new, better configuration.

Fear is an active component of Aspergers Syndrome.  Anxiety, whatever you call it the emotion feels the same.  I wondered as a child whether other people saw blue the same way I did or did we just agree to call our separate shades blue.  Like colorblind people see shades of gray and have to believe there is differentiation between the shades of gray.

So much of living is based on Faith.

I believe Aspergers feel more acutely like elephants feel emotions clearer, cleaner.  The societal need to respect and acknowledge the balance between emotion and intellect. 

There is no success.  No enjoyment without it. 

Three people this morning were in a rush driving to wherever.  Not enjoying the journey and I used to be one of them.

Today the new me watched a squirrel traversing the building ledge.

Fear and Anxiety can be tamed.  With or without substances.

The fear of Being a new form feels like dying.  I don't have to die to be reborn.  Only my old life.

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