Thursday, June 19, 2014

And so the deTox goes on

I'm slooowly becoming more conscious as I face down my demons.  It's been over a month now on organic and I'm starting to feel more energized/evergized. 

My defeated attitude is slowly changing.  Monday went to get 2 pack deal and they only had one organic so I substituted menthol.  Then I realized I can exchange it later.  So I went back today, Thurs. and they still haven't restocked.  Hmmmm.......

I'm adjusting my life to feel perfect.  Call from county library, no one there.  Life at the Sr. Ctr. is smoothing out nicely.   

Do I want a job at the new Sprouts or Target??  Do I want a job?  I need a direction, a target to shoot for.

I have coupons for Milpitas vitamin world.  I can go and exchange the dress at savers or go next Sunday.   Divine Guidance.

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