Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is scary enough for me

I have no idea where the cursor goes when I press tab.

Last week I thought I lost my wallet at the mall.  Major adrenaline rush thinking what and who I needed to call first to cancel my cards, my license, etc.  Why do people find the need for white water rafting?  Skydiving?  You want an adrenaline rush?  Play identity roulette.  Throw your id out there and wait.  That's something that doesn't endanger anyone else.  Lots of kids and retarded adults risk other's safety when they take chances.  Drunk driving, mountain climbing. 

We become habituated to certain chemical levels in out bodies and when levels fall we seek to up the dose.   Any form of addiction is the body calling to balance the levels, maintain the status quo.  Change always feels uncomfortable and possibly painful. 

Doing great things=changing any habit.

So I prayed=aligned my thoughts and emotions and found my wallet wedged between the passenger seat and door.  Prayer is integrating feelings and desires.  Two different things.  Think about it.